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Below are some tips to keep your mounts looking as nice as they did when you recieved them back from the taxidermist.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

* Avoid hanging your mount directly over a hot fireplace or fish aquarium.  High heat and/or humidity are key factors in ruining a mount.

 * Make sure your mount is fastened securely to the wall.  To do so, first make sure your nail/screw is fastened to a stud in the wall.  Second, make sure the hanger of the mount is securely attached/hanging to the nail or screw.  (make sure the screw is not hanging on the hair)
* When your mount is on the wall, make sure the eyes are level.  This is critical for a good display.

* Smooth the hair down between the mount and the wall with your fingers or a butter kinfe.  You do not want hair stick up, it gives an unnatural look.

* Avoid direct sunlight on your mount.

* Clean regularly(every 3-6 months)  Compressed air on deer and mammals works well to clean them.  Try to blow in the direction of the hair.

*For deer, you can spray some dust free pledge on a rag, and wipe the hair and antlers down.  This helps keep the natural oils in the deer's hair from drying out.
(once a year)

*DUCKS - dust the mount off using a dust cloth or feather duster.  Make sure to dust/groom the mount in the direction of the hair patterns.  You can also use compressed air to blow it off once a year. DO NOT USE COMPRESSED AIR ON BIRDS! (just the feather duster)    
Clean the eyes by misting Windex on a Q-tip and wiping the eyes clean.

*If your duck has gotten VERY dusty and dirty over the years,  then you need to take better care of it in the future.  What you can CAREFULLY do is put some laquer thinner on a paper towel, and wipe the bird down in the direction of the feathers.  Be very careful around the feet and bill, as the lacquer will strip the paint off. 

* Keep cobwebs off your mounts!!!  These bring other bugs around which can eat the leather and fur, ruining your precious trophies.