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“We are truly passionate about what we do.”


CJ was born and raised in the town that he runs his taxidermy business in, Edgewater, Maryland. 

His first job was working in his father’s taxidermy shop, skinning animals, cleaning, and mounting his first duck when he was 10.  He played Football and Lacrosse through High school, and after graduating, he attended Salisbury University to earn his bachelors degree.  While there, he earned his way into the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, and ended up graduating with a BA in Marketing.  After several failed attempts to become a professional firefighter, He decided to go full-time into the family taxidermy business.  He excelled very quickly, earning his own blue ribbons and a few other major awards including 2 people’s choices, 5 best of classes, and a WASCO Award.  CJ took the business to a new level by designing the website, redesigning the business logo, and taking on huge mounts valued in the 5 digit range.  CJ is not afraid to try new things when it comes to taxidermy. 150-300 deer heads, mountain lions, leopards, bears, foxes, elk, and moose are some of the things CJ mounts every year.  He is married to his high school sweetheart Jennifer, and they have been through it all, including Stage 3 cancer that Jennifer was diagnosed with when they were 19.  Some of CJ’s favorite things are bow hunting, NASCAR races, motocross, weight lifting, shooting lots of guns, and some cold beers around a bonfire.  Keep your eyes on this kid, he is just getting started.


Charlie was born in Rockville, Maryland on October 14, 1958.  He was an avid football and basketball player through school, and was accepted to Salisbury University after graduating.  But an opportunity arose for him at a local Taxidermy shop, just starting with odds and ends jobs.  He was also a full time waterman in the Chesapeake Bay, as he and his father went into the blue crab business together. The taxidermy shop ended up going out of business, and Charlie started his own, taking over some of his boss’ old customers.  He began competing in the late 1980’s and was very successful.  Numerous Best of shows, People’s choices, and Blue Ribbons were taken thanks to his skill, and he started judging the competitions himself.  He will mount between 300-400 ducks per year, 20-30 turkeys, 20-30 geese, and random raccoons, foxes, and other animals people want hanging on their walls.  Charlie has been Married 16 years now to his lovely wife Stephanie, and they have 2 children together, Courtney, 14, and Patrick, 12.  Some of Charlie’s favorite things are bow hunting, boating, exercising, and a few cold beers every now and then.  He is one hell of a taxidermist, and one of the best guys you’ll ever meet.

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