Fegan's Taxidermy


Numerous awards in a variety of categories…

See list below


Eastern Regional Competition 1985
-People’s Choice Best of Show
-1st Place Canvasback

Eastern Regional Competition 1987
-People’s Choice Best of Show
-First Place Gray Fox

Eastern Regional Competition 1992
-Judge’s Choice Best of Show

Eastern Regional Competition 1993
-Taxidermist’s Choice Best of Show
-People’s Choice Best of Show
-Best Habitat Award

World Taxidermy Championships 1995
-2 First Waterfowl Ribbons

Eastern Regional Competition 1996
-Judge’s Choice best of Show
-People’s Choice Winner

Virginia Taxidermy Championships 2010
-Judge’s Choice Best of Category
 Professional Deerhead

West Virginia Taxidermy Championships 2010
-1st place Professional Small Mammal
-1st Place Professional Habitat
-Judge’s Choice Best of Category
 Professional Small Mammal

Pennsylvania Taxidermy Championships 2010
-Best of Show People’s Choice
-1st Place Woodduck
-1st Place Deerhead

Virginia Taxidermy Championships 2011 
-WASCO Award Winner
-Best of Show People’s Choice
-Best Habitat-Professional Div.
-First Place Pintail
-Best Furbearer by VA trappers Assoc.
-Competitor’s Challenge Winner
-Judge’s Choice Best Commercial Piece 

West Virginia Taxidermy Convention 2011
-Ducks Unlimited Award
-Mckenzie Taxidermists Choice Award-President’s Cup Winner-Best of Category Small Mammal-Competitor’s Challenge Winner

Maryland Taxidermy Competition 2011
-Best of Class Whitetail
-Best of Class Small Mammal
-Maryland Hunting Quarterly
  Most Artistic Whitetail
-Al Holmes Best Habitat
-Collective Artists 1st Place

Virginia Taxidermy Competition 2012-Best of show Lifesize Mammal
-Taxidermists Choice Best Lifesize
-Judges Choice best Habitat
-Best of Category Gamehead
-QDMA Whitetail Award
New Jersey Taxidermy Competition 2012
-Best of Category Lifesize Mammal
-Best of Category Birds
-Artisan Award Winner
-Highest scoring 5 mounts

Eastern Regional Championship 2012
-Bass Pro Shops-Showstopper award
-SCI award for best African/Exotic
-SCI Chesapeake Chapter Award for best    Lifesize Mammal

World Taxidermy Championships 2013
-1st place Professional division, Mammals

-We have Judged and given Educational Seminars over 20 Competitions in the USA

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